Most Common Facts about User-Generated Content (UGC) – 2017

Most Common Facts about User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content is content posted by the end users of both the internet and users of particular brands and products. It can range from even a blog post to user comments, feedback, reviews, tweets, social media posts, etc. While acting indirectly to carry out further brand promotion, direct collaboration of the brand with the user magnifies the effect million-fold, quite literally. While major brands and corporations of the world are making use of UGC, let’s learn some common facts about the phenomenon:

99% of User-Generated Content is Honest

Users just want to share their joy, share an opinion, raise a complaint or simply discuss the product’s features. Most of those are bound to be honest and state what they actually feel. These are huge bonus points for your brand. While users may have less or more number of followers, you can repost the content on your page for all of your followers to see. New buyers trust the opinions of strangers than they trust even friends and relatives. So, making use of User Generated Content is the most effective way to building your brand.

User-Generated Content is everywhere

User-Generated Content is not something new. It is just there, almost everywhere. Facebook is full of User-Generated Content. So are YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Almost all major social networking sites, photo-sharing and audio-sharing sites or apps (like SoundCloud) are full of User-Generated Content.

With options like tagging, hashtagging, mentioning and commenting, companies got available direct and instant feedback from end-users. If there were problems, issues or complaints, they were given solutions for, quite instantly. This helped build direct and honest testimonials for most brands for the whole world to see. Similarly, quick customer service solutions also reposed users’ confidence on the brand.

User-Generated Content Can be Generated

Some of the user-generated content can be generated. Starbucks, Coca Cola, LEGO, etc. have done the best in terms of generated UGC. Starbucks did extremely well asking users to post pictures with cups and doodle on white Starbucks cups and post their art on social media.

This led to a lot of content that Starbucks reposted most of them on their social media pages and website. Winning users were rewarded with “unlimited lifetime” supplies of mochas and lattes. Hardcore lovers of the Starbucks brand and those looking for a reward posted content which led Starbucks to trend on all social media channels.

Similarly, Coke came up with the idea of personalized Coke bottles with names of oneself, family, friends, relatives, personalized messages, wishes and greetings. The user then gifted the Coke bottle to the friend or family member whose name the label carried. It was then shared with a hashtag on social media.

These two brands led to huge revolutions in marketing and brand building with the help of User-Generated Content. Many other brands also did the same, making use of UGC marketing and taking things to whole new levels. So, User-Content is everywhere. They only have to be tapped and made perfect use of.

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