Power Your Ride Sharing Business with Uber Clone App – 2017

Power Your Ride Sharing Business with Uber Clone App

Wouldn’t you rather be the next Garrett Camp or Travis Kalanick (both Founders of Uber), if you were given an Uber or Uber-like app? We bet you would! Most entrepreneurs desperately look for the tools that work for them and that’s exactly what we provide you with!

We understand “YOU” – The Entrepreneur!

Start-up entrepreneurs are burdened with having to do every little thing on their own. What if an app does all the work for you? What if an app creates, carries out and executes all your businesses? These days, you don’t have to work for money. You should have tools on auto-pilot so that you sit back and keep winning the dollars! Yes, YOU WIN!!! The automated tools work to make you money. An app is one such tool. So, welcome to the world of passive income. You make money even when you sleep!

A Real Real-Time Solution

Okay, let’s not sound like a scam or a Ponzi scheme because at the end of the day, it’s you who work. It’s your idea, business and vision. We know that entrepreneurs need help. So, we are reaching out to you to help you with the script of an Uber-like app, where it does everything you should do in your business to make you money.

All Your Customers in One Dashboard

An app is an easy way to connect with your customers, service providers and the user community all in one console. Such amount of control is a blessing for an entrepreneur, as there are too many factors quite out of control even for a seasoned entrepreneur. We understand that success in entrepreneurship comes when you have complete control of all business related activities.

What We Can Do For You!

We also understand that most entrepreneurs like to talk less. So, let’s get to business right away. Firstly, what do we offer you? The answer is, we offer you not only the script but also a scalable server, customized admin dashboard, web app for users, logos and creative pieces like Splash Screen, etc.

If You’re This Person!

Let’s say you are running an Uber type business yourself with some difference, innovation and uniqueness characteristic of you. So, you believe you can succeed at a greater level with all your innovative ideas. Now, as you are running such a ride sharing business, you need an uber-cool app like Uber uses.

With the Best On-Demand E-Hailing App!

Making one yourself is an uphill task or can get too costly. That’s where we pitch in to help you with an Uber Clone Script/Uber for X Open Source Code for $1999. The script is complete with all the customization, controls and features required for a complete ride sharing mobile console. You can have all your customers and drivers in the loop with different administrative and discretionary powers for each and a complete and panoramic birds’ eye view control for you.

Our Uber Clone & Uber for X Clone Script are the best on-demand location based Ride Sharing Mobile Taxi E-hailing app you can ever get anywhere. It is available with us both as a mobile and web application with an all-powerful admin dashboard.

So, Who Can Buy?

Entrepreneurs into on-demand businesses like ordering taxis and food, business owners intending to provide added convenience to customers, consultants/developers selling white-label application products to clients can all buy and make the most of it!

What Your Customers Get:

You can get your customers to create accounts, sign in and book your on-demand services via the web, iOS and Android platforms. For this purpose, you get the URL: https://customer.yourdomain.com, AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/customerapp, Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yourdomain.customerapp

After signing in, they can fill profile information, add bank, card and payment details for pre-approved payment methods, request your services, chat with you for support and finally, pay for it all. Service request history, help, support and complaints are all-inclusive.

What Your Service Providers Can Do:

Your service providers and vendors as cab drivers, mechanics, handyman, etc. are as important as your customers. All of them can create accounts using the web, iOS and Android platforms and sign in. You can put them in the know on services on-demand to complete the job in lightning speed with great ease and efficiency.

You can put them on links: https://provider/yourdomain.com, App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/providerapp, Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yourdomain.customerapp

So, what all can they do?

Sign in, fill up profile info, update details of payments received, offer to provide services, chat with your customers, visit customer location, complete the service and get paid. Also check service request history, toggle availability on/off to update availability, raise and resolve complaints.

Be The Boss! – All Your Admin Powers in One Dashboard!

Manage and assign jobs for cabbies, mechanics, repairmen, etc. based on customer demand from your couch with our resourceful, feature-rich and powerful admin console.

You get the URL: https://admin.yourdomain.com, App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adminapp, Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yourdomain.adminapp

Here you sign in, fill up profile info, add/delete moderators, add/edit/remove users, service providers, etc. You have the power to approve/disapprove service providers to enable/disable customers to see service providers you wish to avail your customers.

You can also enable/disable payment methods as PayPal, Credit Card, Cash on-hand, etc. and receive your commissions for all the services rendered. You can also review service history and respond to complaints from any part of the world.

All for a One-Time Lifetime Fee!

The complete package of the turnkey Uber Clone Script plus its source code is available for a lifetime fee of a mere $1999. That’s all it takes to launch your Uber-like On-demand business. As you pay the one-time fee, we will install the website for you, set up an admin dashboard in your personal cloud at Digital Ocean and recompile the app with your logo, brand, etc. and launch them in their respective app stores.

Oh, Let’s Not Forget to Apprise You of the “Perks!”

For the lifetime one-time fee of $1999, you also get lifetime free updates of the source codes! Once you pay the one-time fee, you just sit back and concentrate on your business with a relaxed frame of mind to keep minting the dollars!

You don’t have any cause for worry, as your technological backend is taken care of by highly talented, skilled and expert professionals who have so far been backing up over 41 startups and SMEs all over the world!

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