Amazon Riddle 22 May 2020


Amazon Riddle  and Quiz 22 May 2020 Answer Today

Question: Amazon has sellers in places like Idukki in Kerala, Anugul in Orissa and Rajpipla in Gujarat, to name a few. What percentage of our sellers are from Tier II and below cities?

Over 15%
Over 25%
Over 50%
Over 90%

Answer: The correct answer is  Over 50%


Question: Our Handloom and Handicraft store, showcasing selection from weavers and artisans across the length and breadth of India is called ___.

Amazon Saheli
Amazon Launchpad
Amazon Prime
Amazon Karigar

Answer: The correct answer is  Over Amazon Karigar


Question: Over _____ retailers and MSMEs sell their products on Amazon India.

6 Lakhs
1 lakh

Answer: The correct answer is  Over 6 Lakhs


Question: What is the name of our global program that offers differentiated products from startups and emerging brands?

Amazon Incubator
Amazon Launchpad
Amazon Xceed
Amazon Global Selling

Answer: The correct answer is Amazon Launchpad


Question: How many products can one find on Amazon India?

More than Million products
Hundred products
Ten products
One thousand products

Answer: The correct answer is More than Million products

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