World toughest riddle 50 rs answer


Riddle: You have 50rs with you and you start spending it. You spend some amount and some amount remains balance which you. (World toughest riddle 50 rs answer)

The question is where did the extra 1rupee come from?

Answer: The response to this conundrum is basic you can’t include the parity sum. Let me disclose to you a basic model. Assume you have 50 rupees with you and you burn through 1,1,1,1 rupees from the aggregate sum that implies your equalization stays 49, 48, 47, 46.

So as per the inquiry, we include all the equalization sum it would be in excess of 50 rupees that is impractical.

So the response to the “I have 50 rs enigma” will be “the parity sum can’t be included” or the inquiry is wrongly confined.

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