30 dollar tab riddle


Riddle: Three friends walked into a restaurant.
They ate food and had beverages worth $ 26.
Each friend paid $ 10 making it a total of $ 30.
The waiter came back with a change of 4 dollars.
The friends asked the waiter to keep one dollar as a tip.
The friends then divided the remaining $ 3 dollars among themselves.
Each got $ 1 dollar back.

How much did each friend pay?

Answer: The correct answer is $10 – $1 = $9.

Each friend paid $9 which makes it a total of $27.
The waiter took $1 dollar, which made it the 27th dollar and not the 28th dollar as written in the riddle.

Each friend got back $1, so that adds up to a total of $30.
The wordplay used in the riddle is only to confuse the person solving it.

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