ESPN Creator Games Pick’em


ESPN Creator Games Pick’em How To Play

Step 1 – Make Picks

Whether you’re a gaming veteran or trying something new, Creator Games Pick’em is easy to play. We ask you questions about MrBeast’s Creator Games Pick’em 2, you pick the winners. Each matchup will have between two and four answer choices. Correct answers are worth 10 points. The matchups are subject to change. Be sure to check your picks before they lock (lock time is indicated on each matchup card).

Step 2 – Play with Friends

Creating groups to play with friends, family, and co-workers is easier than ever. Once you click “Submit Your Picks” a message will appear. From there you can either create a group or join an existing one. If you closed that message you can still do either by heading over to the “Groups” tab. Inviting your friends to these groups is also easy to do on your computer, tablet, or mobile device using “copy link”.

Step 3 – Check Your Scores

When a matchup goes final, assuming you made the pick, you’ll either get it correct (10 points), incorrect (0 points) or there will be a push where no points are awarded because the matchup was canceled. Your groups and the leaderboard will update as the matchups are scored. One more thing: there’s no need to reload the page as the “Make Picks” tab will auto-refresh.

Are ESPN games free to play?

Yes! Every game we offer is completely free.

When do I need to make my picks by?

Each matchup will lock at the time indicated on its card. Up until that point the matchup is unlocked and you’re free to change your picks.

How do I create or join a group?

Check step 2 of the “How to Play” section above. When creating a group you can either select private, and make your group password-protected, or choose public to open it up to anyone playing Creator Games Pick’em. Your choice!

Can I change the name of my picks?

Yup! Just click the blue gear icon next to your picks’ name.

How do I see if I’ve won?

The leaderboard tab is the place to see who is the best of the best. If you see your name anywhere on the screen, you crushed it. If you find yourself in 1st place after all the matchups have been scored then you are the lone champion of Creator Games Pick’em!

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