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The Wall – October 21 2020 – 10/21/2020 – Wednesday – NBC

#1: Donald Glover’s also a successful hip-hop artist performing under which rap name- Chance the Rapper or Childish Gambino?
Chance the Rapper– 1 (JUST L OF 25K)/25K/10K (R)

#2: A river’s delta is found at which end of the river- mouth or source?
Source– 25K/1 (JUST R OF 25K)/1 (FURTHEST R)
#3: In the film “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” which character did Lisa Kudrow play- Romy or Michele?
Romy– 20K (L)/25K/5K (R)

#4: Carrying oxygenated blood away from the heart the aorta is which type of blood vessel- artery or vein?
Artery– 1 (FURTHEST L)/TWO IN 10K (R)
#5: Which of these was described by the comic strip cat GARFIELD as “nature’s most perfect food”- cheeseburger or lasagna?
Lasagna– 20K (L)/TWO IN 10K (L)
Answered Q’s: She

Positive Superdrop: TWO IN 100 (L)/10K/25K/1 (25K/50K)/125K/100 (R)
#1 (3): Which of these didn’t appear in one of the titles in E.L. James’ Fifty Shades erotic romance trilogy- primal, darker or freed?
Primal– 250K
#2 (4): Since its inception in 1992 Britain’s Premier League title has been won most frequently by soccer teams from which city- London, Manchester or Liverpool?
Manchester– 125K
#3 (3): Which of these refers to a leavened bread that’s customarily braided before baking & often served during Shabbat- Challah, Lavash or Matzo?
Challah– 1 (25K/50K)
Negative Superdrop: 10K/25K/1 (25K/50K)/50K/125K/100 (R)/1 (FURTHEST R)


Positive Freebies:
#4- 100 (R)
#3- 300K
#4- 1 (300K/400K)
#5- 400K

#4 (4): Having celebrated its 12,000th Broadway performance in 2016 & still going strong what’s by far the longest-running show in Broadway history- “Chicago”, “Wicked”, “The Phantom of the Opera” or “The Lion King”?
“The Phantom of the Opera”– 100 (R)
#5 (4): Which two U.S. states’ most populous cities have the same name- ND & SD, AZ & NM, OR & ME or VT & DE?
AZ & NM (A: OR & ME)- 10 (L)
#6 (1): In “Caddyshack” greenskeeper Carl Spackler, played by Bill Murray, told a lengthy tale to one of the club’s caddies. According to his story who did Spackler once caddy for- Pope, Dalai Lama, Queen of England or President of the U.S.?
Dalai Lama– 1 (300K/400K)

Final Drops:
#4- 400K
#3- 10 (L)
#4- 500K
#5- 400K; ELIM.

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