Where is this Baroque-style hillside park located? – 2020 | 2021


Where is this Baroque-style hillside park located?

Kassel, Germany

Wroclaw, Poland

Salzburg, Austria

Basel, Switzerland

Answer: The correct answer is Kassel, Germany

This gorgeous hillside park located in Kassel, Germany is the perfect place to take a stroll. Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe features an elaborate system of hydro-pneumatic devices, resulting in cascading fountains and mesmerizing water displays without the use of pumps. Landgrave Carl of Hesse-Kassel began construction on the park in 1689 and hired Italian architect and water engineer, Giovanni Francesco Guerriero, to complete the project. At the top of the hill, a large, octagonal building is topped with a massive, copper statue of Hercules. The water cascades through a number of aqueducts, waterfalls, and smaller fountains — culminating in an impressive, 164-foot fountain. You don’t see that every day.

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