How to Clean Your Mac\’s space for Big Sur Installation?


Image results: How to Clean Your Mac’s space for Big Sur Installation?

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1.How to Clean Your Mac’s space for Big Sur Installation?

Perform a clean install of Big Sur You will need to restart your computer and hold down a special key to bring up the startup volume selector, then choose your bootable Big Sur installer to start up your Mac from. Plug the bootable USB installer into your Mac. Click the Apple menu and choose the option “Shut Down”.

How to do a clean install of macOS 11 Big Sur

2.How to Clean Your Mac’s space for Big Sur Installation?

Generally, installing a new macOS Big Sur on a clean drive will give your Mac enough space to breathe. You’ll be less likely to experience common Big Sur problems and you’ll get a chance to keep only the data you really need. It’s like you bring the new furniture in an empty apartment instead of a cluttered one. macOS 11 compatible Macs

3.How to Clean Your Mac’s space for Big Sur Installation?

Basic steps to clean install macOS Big Sur. The first step is to clean and back up your Mac to some external source. Then, you’ll need to download macOS Big Sur package to your Applications. Next, you’ll need to create a bootable USB installer (involves another external drive). And lastly, we’ll use Disk Utility to erase your Mac and install macOS Big Sur using the bootable USB device. 1. Clean & Back …

4.How to Clean Your Mac’s space for Big Sur Installation?

As you already know, clean install macOS Big Sur completely erases your Macintosh drive. Make sure that you have backed up your Mac with Time Machine. The Time Machine is the in-built backup feature of your Mac. To create backups with Time Machine, all you need is …

How to Clean Install macOS Big Sur 11.0

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