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1.Mindbender roller coaster accident

On June 14, 1986, The Mindbender, the world’s largest indoor triple-loop roller coaster, derailed and killed three riders at Galaxyland inside West Edmonton Mall, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Digging Deeper. The accident occurred just a few months after the ride’s opening on March 16, 1986.

June 14, 1986: A Mind-bending Disaster

2.Mindbender roller coaster accident

It’s been 30 years since a car on West Edmonton Mall’s Mindbender roller-coaster derailed, killing three. The following morning, curtains were pulled across the entrances and police stationed at…


3.Mindbender roller coaster accident

June 14, 1986: Roller-coaster derailment kills 3 in Edmonton The Mindbender — the world’s largest indoor triple-loop roller-coaster in the world’s largest indoor amusement park in what was once the…


4.Mindbender roller coaster accident

From the archives: roller-coaster crash inquiry – Dec 21, 2016 A provincial inquiry eventually blamed the crash on a defunct West German company for design and manufacturing flaws. It …

Survivor of 1986 West Edmonton Mall roller-coaster crash wants tribute

5.Mindbender roller coaster accident

The Mindbender Fantasy Roller Coaster Accident in Canada Noor Ahmed Herzallah 920013742 Outline Introduction Accident Description and Details HSE Issues and Developments Before and After the Accident Conclusion Mindbender Roller Coaster: Largest coaster


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