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1.who is responsible for protecting cui

The rule affects Federal executive branch agencies that handle CUI and all organizations (sources) that handle, possess, use, share, or receive CUI—or which operate, use, or have access to Federal information and information systems on behalf of an agency.


2.who is responsible for protecting cui

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3.who is responsible for protecting cui

The USD(A&S) is also responsible for supporting the implementation of CUI requirements into Federal Acquisition Regulations relating to defense contractors. Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering is responsible for establishing processes, policies, and procedures that protect CUI for grants and cooperative R&D arrangements.


4.who is responsible for protecting cui

Who is responsible to implement CUI? CUI, as implemented by 32CFR2002(September 14, 2016), is a government policy and through the regulation applies to federal departments and agencies. This establishes the policy for designating, handling and decontrolling information that qualifies as CUI.

CUI compliance – What you need to know

5.who is responsible for protecting cui

Who is responsible for protecting CUI? DoD military, civilians, and contractors What marking (banner and footer) acronym (at a minimum) is required on a DoD …


6.who is responsible for protecting cui

Answer: CUI Markings are not sufficient to ensure the protection of the information. Markings do serve as an alert to users of what is being shared. Prior to using any Webex technology to share CUI, we advise verifying with organization/agency officials to ensure that proper safeguards are in place on the system and that the technology has been cleared/authorized for use with CUI.

CUI Marking class Q&A (From April 23)

7.who is responsible for protecting cui

Answer: Upon implementation, agencies are responsible for marking or identifying any CUI shared with non-federal entities. Questions regarding the status of information (marked or unmarked) should be directed back to the contracting activity.

CUI Marking Class Q&A (From May 19)

8.who is responsible for protecting cui

A. The subset of CUI requiring DoD personnel to submit and obtain information for entries into SF 86c. B. The subset of CUI in which the authorizing law, regulation, or government-wide policy contains specific handling controls that it requires or permits agencies to use. C.


9.who is responsible for protecting cui

willing to take the steps necessary to protect their own intellectual property which will ultimately mean better protection of technical information. Q: Who is responsible for identifying/marking unclassified CTI? A: The controlling DoD office (defined in DoDI 5230.24), in most cases the requiring activity, is responsible


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