How Many S In The Sentence Riddle Answer


Riddle: Riddle me this…if you’re right I will delete your answer and you have to repost saying that you have won against me. “Sara saw seven sharks while swimming.” now how many s’s are in this sentence.

Answer: The question asks you how many ‘S’ are in the sentences, so while you may look to find all the letters ‘S’ in the whole riddle –

you only need to focus on finding the ‘S’ in the actual word ‘sentence’

Another possible answer is 6. Some have come up with the answer 6 as they counted all the letters ‘S’ in the riddle. Sara, saw, seven, sharks, swimming.

Another possible answer is some people argue that the riddle asks you for a capitalized ‘S’ in the sentence and therefore there is one. Sara.

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