What country had a plain green flag until 2011?


What country had a plain green flag until 2011?


South Africa



When Muammar al-Qaddafi overthrew Egypt’s monarchy in 1969, he adopted the red, white, and black striped design of the Arab Liberation Flag, which was also flown unofficially in Egypt. However, Qaddafi later broke diplomatic relations with Egypt after it tried to broker a peace deal with Egypt in 1977, and he then changed Libya’s flag to an all-green look. When it flew from 1977 to 2011, it was the only plain-colored flag in the world.

The move was meant to symbolize the “Green Revolution” that Qaddafi promised his citizens, a revolution that would bring water and other resources to make the desert fertile. The color green was also seen as symbolic of Islam. The flag returned to the original striped design when Qaddafi was overthrown in 2011.

Answer: The correct answer is Libya

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