What was the first message sent through Morse Code?


What was the first message sent through Morse Code?

Hello hello

Salutations, friend


What hath God wrought

In 1843, researchers Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail received a grant to test out a new form of communication, and set out to use an electrical telegraph to transmit coded messages made up of dashes and dots – a method later dubbed “Morse code.” The two split up, with one researcher in Washington, D.C. and the other Baltimore, Maryland, and Morse sent the first message to Vail on May 24, 1844: “What hath God wrought!” Transcribing between Morse code and English might have been tedious at first, but it was still much faster than previous popular methods for quick communication: carrier pigeon and horseback.

The electrical telegraph’s popularity boomed from there, as did innovations to improve its quality such as insulation for telegraph wires to ensure they worked year-round and the Quadruplex, which allowed four messages to be transmitted at once. As reliable as it eventually became, the telegraph proved unable to seriously compete with the telephone, and by 1900 telegraphy was in serious decline.

Answer: The correct answer is What hath god wrought

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