What is the “.com” in website addresses short for?


What is the “.com” in website addresses short for?





Website addresses today have a wide variety of three-letter suffixes – also known as “top-level domains” – from the classic “.gov” (which stands for the government) and “.org” (short for organization). But far and away the most popular variety, “.com,” is short for “commercial.” Debuting in 1985 with a website for computer maker Symbolics, Inc., the .com domain was intended to denote websites that could be registered by anyone, regardless of affiliation.

It took a few years for the domain to catch on, but by the mid-1990s countless companies were registering their own space on the developing internet (including “cybersquatters,” who registered domains in the hope of later selling those domain names to specific companies). This online “land rush” in turn led to massive investment interest in technology companies in general, fostering an era later nicknamed the “Dotcom Boom” (or, slightly more cynically, the “Dotcom Bubble”).

Answer: The correct answer is Commercial

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