Ni No Nuni Norace Riddle


Ni No Kuni: Guide To All Answers For Horace’s Riddles

Al Mamoon

Location: Next to the milk fountain
Riddle Answer: Dragon of the West
Reward: Draw Poison Spell

Castaway Cove

Location: On a bridge overlooking the sea
Riddle Answer: Finest Fiber
Reward: Vacate Spell


Location: On the way to the Fairy Godmother
Riddle Answer: Crispy Lettuce
Reward: Sage’s Secret Alchemy Formula


Location: On a balcony overlooking the main street
Riddle Answer: 5
Reward: Chart Chests Spell


Location: In the Yule Elder’s house
Riddle Answer: Blizzard Bloom
Reward: Cloudburst Spell


Location: Inside Swift Solutions
Riddle Answer: Old Smoky or Jabal-al-Dukhan
Reward: Veil Spell

Ding Dong Dell (After the events at Nevermore)

Location: In the same place where you first met him at the memorial
Riddle Answer: Unleash
Reward: Thunderstorm Spell

Ara Memoriae

Location: At the ruins, only after you have defeated Gallus
Riddle Answer: Wizard’s Robes
Reward: Astra Spell (and unlocks Errand 136)

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